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At B. E. Singleton & Sons, Inc. of Washington, NC, we really do it all. In addition to the other types of work that we do, we are also a marine construction company. We hire people who know how to get this type of work done, and we bring them out to the work sites that require marine construction projects.


There are various aspects of work that are included under the umbrella term of marine construction. When we send a marine engineer out to help a client of ours, we are sending someone who can help with:


Docks & Piers

Boat Houses

Boat Lifts

Marine Bulkheads



At B.E. Singleton & Sons, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe waterway for your marine construction projects. That's why we offer professional dredging services to meet your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and equipment to efficiently remove sediments, debris, and other materials from your waterways, ensuring that your project can be completed on time and on budget. Our dredging services are suitable for a variety of applications, including dock and marina maintenance, harbor deepening, and beach replenishment. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to minimize the impact on the environment, while ensuring that your project runs smoothly.


There’s nothing like taking a vessel out from your own backyard boat dock or marina. Whether your idea of the perfect day on the river is with friends and family or a little solitude, B. E. Singleton & Sons can make your waterfront dreams come true. We’re based in Washington, NC and will build custom piers in all the surrounding coastal communities. We take pride in offering quality craftsmanship for a reasonable price. We send qualified personnel to every job and make sure it’s done right. We also respect our client’s time and are happy to have a reputation for reliability and punctuality. These values are true whether we’re working on residential or commercial projects. Our style is one of collaboration. You can trust us as your consultant, guiding you through the various design options and material choices. If you have a strong preference for natural wood, for example, we can build it for you, being sure to advise you about its maintenance considerations. If you’re looking for a custom boat house, we can show you examples of models, then craft something to meet your likes and needs. No matter what you decide on, we’ll ensure that it’s attractive and structurally sound.


Your boat house can be a simple and practical place for keeping your vessel out of the weather, like having a garage for your car. But it can be so much more: a dry gear storage area, outdoor lounge, barbecue patio or tanning deck. Let us help you design your perfect space to fit your needs. You can enjoy the space as much at night as during the day by installing rugged lighting. B. E. Singleton & Sons can make your residential marine structure match your home by borrowing colors and styles from your residence. If you’re looking for a commercial solution, we can design and engineer it to meet your specific needs. We have experience constructing numerous styles of open and closed boat houses, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination run free to let us know exactly what you envision.


Brackish waters, tides and storm surges are a fact of life on the Coastal waters. If your vessel stays in the water unnecessarily, it will likely deteriorate more quickly. To get your watercraft or Jet Ski out of the water safely and efficiently, use a boat lift. B. E. Singleton & Sons has experience selecting, configuring, installing and repairing mechanical systems to allow your watercraft to air out. We only use high-quality materials, so we don’t work with cheap products of questionable origin.


B. E. Singleton & Sons constructs bulkheads that are built to last. We respect the nuances of marine construction and thus follow bulkhead building guidelines to the letter. The bulkheads we build are both attractive and strong. We can even stabilize canals against the waves of passing boats. As with all our projects, we’ll work through your requirements to create the right seawall for you. We regularly handle complex hydraulic scenarios, using scientific principles as our guide. We also do piling replacement, so if you have other structures in need of repair, we can most likely take care of it.

These aspects of marine construction are important for ensuring that the job is done properly. It is important to do this work because so many aspects revolve around the kind of equipment available underneath a specific construction project. That is the kind of thing that should not be overlooked because it is only through this kind of work that one can be certain that their construction project will be properly implemented from the start.

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